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BO$$ (snippets) Fifth Harmony

Something Bad (Fifth Harmony background vocals) Robin Thicke

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happy 18th birthday manibear (。♥‿♥。)

@camila_cabello: Moaney. i cannot believe you are a legal adult. it feels like just yesterday you were in my tummy and I cradled you in my arms. OH WAIT. IM NOT YOUR MOTHER. scratch that. it is really a fascinating thing how much our friendship has blossomed since I first met you, and more importantly, how 16 year old you has blossomed to 18 year old you, i will forevz admire your confidence, your fierceness, your strange sense of humor and your really cute hamster-like high pitched laugh. here’s to more years of my bad jokes, your derp faces, and strangers looking at us like we’re crazy people in public places- i love you forever moaney, have a magical 18th
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